Repetitions – to form an adverbial adjective

Besides adding a “dengan” before them, with adjectives there is another way to make an adverb out of them – repetitions. I walk slowly Saya berjalan pelan-pelan.

However, use this form carefully because unlike using the “dengan” method, which will immediately make no sense when used with certain adjectives like colours or measurements, this form will be accepted for ANY adjectives grammatically but will have a different semantics. Observe : Dengan biru makes no sense Biru-biru show the adjective’s dominance.

Dengan lebar makes no sense Lebar-lebar can either emphasize the adjective or show the adjective’s dominance.

Written by,

Paulius Setiawan

Contributor to Bahasa Budaya Organization

Lingua Internacional

Jakarta Indonesia


Bahasa Indonesia in house training

A break time in Bahasa Indonesia in house training at a Korean company in East Jakarta, Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia Learning club

Bahasa Indonesia Learning club

Lingua Internacional and Kaivalya Indian Restaurant invite International friends to join our Bahasa Indonesialearning club at Kaivalya Restaurant, the learning program a program that you can learn bahasa Indonesia together with others
This learning program has conducted monthly, and currently we open registration for next month. .

When : Start on 7th July 2012, Every Saturday at 17.00 P.M.

Registration: Registration open until 1st July

Where : at Kaivalya Restaurant at the Apartment Gardenia Boulevard on, jl. Warung Jati No.13 GF #6 Pejaten, Jakarta Selatan (150 meter from Pejaten Village Mall)

Registration fee: Rp.25,000

The cost of the learning: Rp.250,000 / month (learning material included and free drinks!)

To register please submit your name, contact number, and type ‘register Bahasa learning club’, send to 02193854542, 08158715144, 0818998788, then we will contact you soon after that.

See you there soon to enjoy the learning club with the delicious Mutton Curry as you have seen on picture! 🙂

English Conversation club

English Conversation club

Created in a purpose to use the time as efficient for learning while hanging out in a public place. This English conversation club will be conducted FREE in July at Kaivalya Indian and Multicuisine Restaurant. Starting on 7th July 2012, every Saturday. Submit your name and contact number to Lingua Internacional 02193854542, 08158715144, or Kaivalya Restaurant 0818998788. See you soon in the language club while you can enjoy this delicious mutton curry!


Very Interesting linguistic info from, the

The -lude in today’s word is the same as the one in allude, elude, and prelude.
What are all these ludes and why do they not stand without prefix support? Their noble ancestor is Latin ludus, “play, game, sport,” and this is a key to understanding an early meaning of interlude: a small entertainment performed between others.

Today interlude more typically denotes a period that interrupts two connected activities or episodes.

English and Bahasa Indonesia Club

English and Bahasa Indonesia Club

Lamguage club by Lingua Internacional at Kaivalya Restaurant, Pejaten, Jakarta Selatan.

English Learning program for professionals

Lingua Internacional since 1999 has experienced in conducting English language in house training and private English learning for professionals. The lesson customized to the students need in their professional purpose such as;

1. Presentation skills in English,

2. English report writing skills,

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6. Grammatical English,

7. Conversational and discussion practice class, and

8. English in General learning.

The lesson will be conducted in flexible hours where the students may debit their learning hour at every learning days. Our hourly programs are;

12 learning hours program

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Aviation company in house training for English presentation skill

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